Free WiFi: All guests are welcome to use our free WiFi in the public area to stay connected.

Food & drinks: We offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for purchase at the hotel. Hotel Acacia’s vicinity to many restaurants makes it easy for you to order from out and our staff will be happy to get the food delivered to you.

Secure parking: Hotel Acacia offers secure parking for your vehicle at no extra cost.

Room service: Staff will be happy to deliver food and beverages to the comfort of your room at no extra charge.

Laundry services: Our house keeping team offers you high quality laundry and ironing services at a fixed rate per item.

Airport pick up: Upon request, we arrange your pick up or drop off at the airport by our hotel shuttle.

Car hire: Should you want to explore Kampala, take a day trip or go upcountry, Hotel Acacia provides car hire services at reasonable prices.